Jane Flood – Stories of women

Thursday 21st November, 7pm

Magical West Country storyteller, Jane Flood, tells us the ancient Arthurian legends from the perspective of powerful women and their connections with Dorset. She gives these ancient stories, deeply connected with this part of the world, a relevant and fresh perspective, with themes that link us to the past and echo our modern lives.

Jane Flood is a seasoned storyteller with a box of resonant tales both ancient and modern, drawn from the four corners of the earth. She metaphorically takes Arthur’s sword – and the attendant cycle of male-heroic deeds, battles and chivalry – re-forges it completely, and invites all Arthurian female consorts to step out of the shadows to dare to wield the sword of power themselves. What ensues is a spellbinding, moving and luminous tour de force that plunges deep into the female psyche and emerges with an inspirational flourish. Don’t miss it and be sure to take your daughters. Rina Vergano, freelance Arts Journalist.

£10 per ticket